2012. október 29., hétfő

I am back ♕

Dear Princesses,
Sorry, I know that it was a long break. (>A<) BUT! My summer was amazing, and now I feel that I can write more often o(^-^)o
So, what happended with me in this loong break?  I tell you.
Let's start with summer:
lot of study for the graduation
♥ bought a Sugary Carnival replica skirt in levander(sadly is just a replica.. but it is one of my dream prints. But, I will buy an original AP jsk soon ;3)
bought a fluffy petticoat from Ebay
lot of meetings with my best friends
ate a lot of cake ;3
decorated my room with Rilakkuma
lot of sweet times with my family and boyfriend

that's all in short. haha
And nowadays?

drawing a lot
got lot of ponies
MondoCon with my honey at early October
♥ bought a cute Angelic Pretty headbow, Metamorphose bloomers from Gigi
watching Princess Peachie videos all the time.
saving money for an Angelic Pretty blouse and wristcuff
lot of sweet times with my friends in the school

Aaaaand now I can write \(^O^)/ Wohooo yeey*

As I promised formerly, I show you my Gothic Lolita Bible magazin~
I took some photoes about just my favourite pages in the magazine.haha
The cover is soooo cute!

And Asuka with Maki ♥.
Yes, these pages are only about Angelic Pretty, why? Because it's my favourite brand in the world. haha
That's all for now my sweetie unicorns. I hope it makes you happy that I am back. haha And will come a lot of post ! !

2012. június 3., vasárnap

Rainbow Dash ♥

Hello Unicorn Ladies~

The summer is here. I can't wait the fresh lemonade and strawberries. But now, I am so happy that I got a My Little Pony-FiM character again. It's Rainbow Dash, the pegasus. She is very cool and the fastest pony in Ponyville. She live among the clouds with other pegasus.

I got this pony from myboyfriend. He is so sweet, he always know what will be the best present for me. I love you, honey.
Now, just only 3 character is what I want to have. Rarity, Fluttershy and Applejack. Anyway, the story is ended in my country. I hope I'll can watch more part of the new My Little Pony-Friendship is Magic in the future.
That's all for now. And, I almost forgot! I have some new follower~ Thank you sweeties! It is very important to me (。・ω・。)ノ♡

Bye. ☆

2012. május 27., vasárnap

Wonderful ♕

Hello cuties~

Guess what! Already, I bought my first burando stuff~~ It's Angelic Pretty. Yeeey ☆~o(≧▽≦)o
I am soooooo HAPPY ! ! Anyway, I know it's little but I love it sooo much. It is  'Lyrical Bunny' socks. And it is very cute. It is rare in my area but I can bought a Lolita stuff~~ I bought it from Nekohime. She is super cool and very cute >w<
Aaand, she sent me cute lolita accessories what she made. Super cute~
But now, I show you them~~

First of all, she put some cute sticker to the top of the pack.

Cute, isn't it? I love the rainbow and that sparkling sky. haha
Aaaand, tadaaaa~~

Kyaaa , the bunny is super cute and that pastel purple color is so sweet. I love this color sooo much and aww...It's really Angelic Pretty! I can't belive it. haha
And I show you the presents~~

She wrote a cute letter, send me a cute heart brooch, lollipop earrings and a bracelet. Thank you, dear 
I am sooo happy that I can bought a really sweet lolita stuff. I hope this post wasn't boring..haha
But I am really happy \(-^o^-)/ I hope I'll can buy more lolita stuff in my summer time~
That's all for now, dear Unicorns ~
Bye. ☆

2012. május 24., csütörtök

Super cute Giveaway in Candyheart ♥

Hello lovely cupcakes~

Guess what ! I found a very sweet giveaway in a sweet blog. haha
I show you what can you win.

Candyheart's blog is so fantastic for me. I really love it. \(*-*\)
Btw, I really want to win this giveaway cuz I want to have this 'Swimmer USB mouse'. Because I got a Laptop some weeks ago and I need a cute mouse. ☆
And her blog: http://candy-yumeko.blogspot.com/2012/04/my-1st-giveaway-pastel-lover.html  Please, check it.
So, I hope I'll win~~

That's all for now~
Next time I'll show you what I bought in this week. ( ^∇^ )˝
Bye. ♥

2012. május 16., szerda

*I am back*

 Hello beautiful princesses~

Sorry for that my blog stopped for months. I was so sad but I had to do. It was so hard time cuz my final exams and my school graduation was. I hope you can understand~
I'll never stop this blog again. haha So I hope you are happy xP

But now, let's start what will you see in my blog nowadays~
Many Lolita things ! ! Yeeeey* Already I am a sweet Lolita..As you know, I wrote that I wanna be a good sweet lolita in my first post. Do you remember? haha I hope! :3

I bought some Lolita things and I'll show you all of them! And you will see a lot of Pony and Lolita stuffs in my blog again. haha
I am sooooo happy ♥  But, I wanna show you my two old draw, those are old cuz I draw these at January, when I stopped this blog.

As you can see, I forgot put my name 'unicornrain' on the pictures, sorry.
But now, I have to say Bye-bye ~

2012. január 21., szombat

Cute hand protection balm from Essence ♥

Sorry too late but I am here. Nowadays I am sooo busy and tired to writing blog. I hope you can understand it. 
I start with my week. My week was nice and I bought a Gothic Lolita Bible magazine!! \(^o^)/ I am sooooo HAPPY. I'll show you this next weekend, probably. Anyway, I watched the new 'Jane Eyre' film and I think it is a very big film!! I love it sooo much and after I start read in book, too. The book was fantastic and sooo long, but I enjoyed every sentence. I really love this story.Very romantic and exciting.
Aaaand!! The best thing in my week was that I got a cute hand protetcion balm from My honey Thank you ~
I show you this cute thing (o*-*o)

The card is very cute too, and in the other side there is a cupcake recipe. I will make this cute cupcake in the future. And the cream is very good, it has a very sweet smell. Sweet and hydrate. I really love this essence product. Thank you sooo much again my dear~
That's all for now. I don't have enough time to writing. Sorry (^o^)/

2012. január 7., szombat

Twilight Sparkle

Well, I promised you that I'll show you my new pony. I hope you can't wait it. haha Just kidding. So my new Pony what I bought is Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony, you know. Aaaand Twilight is an unicorn \(*-*)/ I loooove unicorns soooo much.I think she is the most important character in the story cuz she always write letters for Princess Celestina. But that's enough, let's check the pictures~

Mmm, she is soooo cute \(*o*)/ And this light purple color is very sweet. Well, just I will have to buy Rainbow Dush, Applejack, and maybe Rarity. Cuz I can't find Rarity in the local shop..sadly. But she is one of my fav characters. 

Guess what! I will buy a Gothic Lolita Bible magazine, but the girl from whom I'll buy, don't send me her reply. It is very strange, I hope she will reply quickly~ Because I can't wait that I'll buy a GLB magazine (*-*) I am so excited!
Btw, I'm working in a new header. So, please look forward it. haha I hope you will like it. \(^o^\) But nowadays I don't have enought time to drawing cuz I have to learn a lot. Today I learnt too. I hope I will make some good mark.
Anyway, I have to save money for some Lolita clothes. Petticoat, Skirt, Socks, bow, teaparty shoes. Too many things and they are very expensive with each other. Please, cross your fingers for me. haha ~
Now, I have to go eat some cake. Bye~

2012. január 6., péntek

Sweet ♥

Yeeey, I came back from the dormitory and now I am at home. *-* So, sorry the 'late' post. haha My week was amazing, I bought a new My Little Pony FiM character. I will show you who is she tomorrow. o(^-^)o I had learn a lot in this week and now I have to. Anyway, I am sooooo happy cuz I have some new follower \(^o^\) I love you !!
Well, I want to made something which is sweet, and I can use it for decorate my room. I drew a picture about my 'Unicorn Teaparty' and I put it into a sweet, old picture frame. I like it. What do you think about it? I hope my picture isn't awful. But my boyfriend said that he like it, so I am calm. I show you, OK? (*-*)

I think this picture is sweet. But I will draw more pictures for my room decorate. Guess what! I will watch My Little Pony-FiM on TV at 16:30 tomorrow. I can't wait it (*-*) I am so excited~~ But tonight, I will watch NANA on TV. I love NANA soooo much and I collect it in manga version. Aww..I am sooo tired so I think that's all for now. Bye-bye, princesses~

2012. január 2., hétfő


HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!!! 2011 is over. I think my year in 2011 was wonderful and interesting. I fell in love with Lolita style, it was a nice thing because I really love it. It is very important to me. haha Just only I wanna have Lolita clothes. It is very hard to me cuz I don't have credit card with paypall or everything, so I can't order Lolita clothes. And now, nobody can help me. Bad thing. ><"
My New Year's Eve party was nice cuz I was with my boyfriend and with my family. My brother, my boyfriend and me played with Monopoly and it was sooo funny~ We watched the fireworks and so on. And I show you what is the last thing what I bought in 2011. It is a bird cage necklace from NewYorker. It was on sale so I bought it ! It is my dream necklace ♥ Cute, isn't it? haha

OK, return to My little pony. I watched My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic on TV. It is very cute and sweet I think. My favourite characters are: Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity. I think those characters are the most cutest. haha
Btw, as I have Pinkie Pie, I want to buy other ponies from My little pony-FiM. And these are inexpensive fortunately. So probably I will buy Rarity in this week..I hope.
But now, I have to go back to the dormitory cuz my winter-break is end. So that's all for now, dears. Bye~