2012. január 6., péntek

Sweet ♥

Yeeey, I came back from the dormitory and now I am at home. *-* So, sorry the 'late' post. haha My week was amazing, I bought a new My Little Pony FiM character. I will show you who is she tomorrow. o(^-^)o I had learn a lot in this week and now I have to. Anyway, I am sooooo happy cuz I have some new follower \(^o^\) I love you !!
Well, I want to made something which is sweet, and I can use it for decorate my room. I drew a picture about my 'Unicorn Teaparty' and I put it into a sweet, old picture frame. I like it. What do you think about it? I hope my picture isn't awful. But my boyfriend said that he like it, so I am calm. I show you, OK? (*-*)

I think this picture is sweet. But I will draw more pictures for my room decorate. Guess what! I will watch My Little Pony-FiM on TV at 16:30 tomorrow. I can't wait it (*-*) I am so excited~~ But tonight, I will watch NANA on TV. I love NANA soooo much and I collect it in manga version. Aww..I am sooo tired so I think that's all for now. Bye-bye, princesses~

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