2012. január 7., szombat

Twilight Sparkle

Well, I promised you that I'll show you my new pony. I hope you can't wait it. haha Just kidding. So my new Pony what I bought is Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony, you know. Aaaand Twilight is an unicorn \(*-*)/ I loooove unicorns soooo much.I think she is the most important character in the story cuz she always write letters for Princess Celestina. But that's enough, let's check the pictures~

Mmm, she is soooo cute \(*o*)/ And this light purple color is very sweet. Well, just I will have to buy Rainbow Dush, Applejack, and maybe Rarity. Cuz I can't find Rarity in the local shop..sadly. But she is one of my fav characters. 

Guess what! I will buy a Gothic Lolita Bible magazine, but the girl from whom I'll buy, don't send me her reply. It is very strange, I hope she will reply quickly~ Because I can't wait that I'll buy a GLB magazine (*-*) I am so excited!
Btw, I'm working in a new header. So, please look forward it. haha I hope you will like it. \(^o^\) But nowadays I don't have enought time to drawing cuz I have to learn a lot. Today I learnt too. I hope I will make some good mark.
Anyway, I have to save money for some Lolita clothes. Petticoat, Skirt, Socks, bow, teaparty shoes. Too many things and they are very expensive with each other. Please, cross your fingers for me. haha ~
Now, I have to go eat some cake. Bye~

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  1. I have a twilight sparkle too. She looks different than yours. I should take pictures of her too. Though I don't know the story with these unicorn characters. I just think that they are cute & I want to collect more. :) Where do you find your unicorns? I have a hard time finding them.

  2. Hy~
    Thanks for your comment. Yes I think they are sooo sweet and lovely. The story is very cute too. I love it sooo much, so if you want, I recommend you the tale. Here is the first part of the My Little Pony-Friendship is magic : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fy1v3CfrOto. Anyway, I can find them in the local shop. The local shop named: SPAR. But if you can't find this shop in your town, I will searching more place where you can find unicorns easily. Have a nice day.~