2012. január 21., szombat

Cute hand protection balm from Essence ♥

Sorry too late but I am here. Nowadays I am sooo busy and tired to writing blog. I hope you can understand it. 
I start with my week. My week was nice and I bought a Gothic Lolita Bible magazine!! \(^o^)/ I am sooooo HAPPY. I'll show you this next weekend, probably. Anyway, I watched the new 'Jane Eyre' film and I think it is a very big film!! I love it sooo much and after I start read in book, too. The book was fantastic and sooo long, but I enjoyed every sentence. I really love this story.Very romantic and exciting.
Aaaand!! The best thing in my week was that I got a cute hand protetcion balm from My honey Thank you ~
I show you this cute thing (o*-*o)

The card is very cute too, and in the other side there is a cupcake recipe. I will make this cute cupcake in the future. And the cream is very good, it has a very sweet smell. Sweet and hydrate. I really love this essence product. Thank you sooo much again my dear~
That's all for now. I don't have enough time to writing. Sorry (^o^)/

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