2012. május 16., szerda

*I am back*

 Hello beautiful princesses~

Sorry for that my blog stopped for months. I was so sad but I had to do. It was so hard time cuz my final exams and my school graduation was. I hope you can understand~
I'll never stop this blog again. haha So I hope you are happy xP

But now, let's start what will you see in my blog nowadays~
Many Lolita things ! ! Yeeeey* Already I am a sweet Lolita..As you know, I wrote that I wanna be a good sweet lolita in my first post. Do you remember? haha I hope! :3

I bought some Lolita things and I'll show you all of them! And you will see a lot of Pony and Lolita stuffs in my blog again. haha
I am sooooo happy ♥  But, I wanna show you my two old draw, those are old cuz I draw these at January, when I stopped this blog.

As you can see, I forgot put my name 'unicornrain' on the pictures, sorry.
But now, I have to say Bye-bye ~

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