2011. december 30., péntek

My little pony

Nowadays I start love My Little Pony again, and I want collect them.
Now, I have 3, new series My Little Pony. I love them soooo much \(*-*)/ I think they are very cute, but I love the oldest ponies too. I think the oldest ponies are the true My Little Ponies, but the newest Ponies are sweet too. What do you think about it? Oldest Pony or Newest Pony? I want both. haha
I show you mine ponies. :3

She is Cheerliee. I got it from Santa. :D haha I love she sooo much *-*

She is Rainbow Dash. She's hair is very cute I think o(*-*)o And I love her color sooo much.

And Pinkie Pie. She is my favourite Pony. I got it from my dear boyfriend \(^o^)/ He said that if I were a pony, I'll sure look like as Pinkie Pie. haha x'3
I think it was very sweet. haha~
So, these are my ponies. I hope I will have more My Little Pony than now.
Anyway, today I got a cute postcard from my dear japanese friend, Asukachan. I love she sooo much and she reading my blog too. I will take some photo about my New Year 'party' and I will put up them. :D Tomorrow will the last day of 2011. I will spend this time with my boyfriend. And we bought some cute Pink-purple balloons and confetti. I can't wait the new year! ^^ I wish you a very lucky, successful, happy, wonderful and sweet New Year! *huuuugs* And I hope I wll have a lot of followers~ haha

2011. december 28., szerda

A few things about my X'mas

My X'mas Celebrate was amazing and wonderful. I spend this time with my family, friends, boyfriend ♥. I enjoyed every time of Christmas. I hope you too. I got a lot of presents, sweets and money( yeyeey~ I will buy some Lolita clothes, I hope! ) \(^o^)/ I am soooooo happy !! But now, I'll show you some pictures about my presents, and so on. Btw, sorry but I can't took pictures about me, and I feel myself a little bad cuz in my blog there aren't any picture about me. haha
So, here are the pictures:

First, I got a digital camera, Hello Kitty shower-gel from my parents, And I got a very big pack of "Celebration" chocholate mix, some lingerie of Triumph. (so I don't take pictures about those, I think you understand it. haha)
The cute My Little Pony what is in the picture from my boyfriend. I also got a cute-antique teacup, parfume,manga from him. I love him sooooo much He is my life.. haha o(*-*)o
Aaand!! I got a DVD of Lady Lovely Locks from my cousin. I love this tale sooo much !! I show you:

Anyway, the 'Lady Lovely Locks' name in hungarian is 'Fénylőfürt'. I love these drawings so much..There are lovely, colorful, wonderful, sweet.. haha
I absolutely love it! I watched this DVD at Sunday. And I was with my boyfriend yesterday and we drunk some cup of tea and ate a lot of gingerbreads. (I made those gingerbreads :D) So my honey took a lot of perfect picture about my cup of tea. The cup is that teacup what I got from him. I love it soooo much !! Thank you~

The teacup is pretty nice, isn't it? (*-*) And the tea was super yummy !!
I think this day was the best day in my X'mas evening. Thank you~
I hope your X'mas evening was amazing, too. Probably I will can buy Lolita clothes at next year! I can't wait to buy my first Lolita clothes \(^o^\)*
Have a nice day~

2011. december 24., szombat

Merry X'mas ~

Today is the X'mas day. \(^o^)/
I am soooo HAPPY !! I hope you too. I wish you a sweet, Lolita X'mas~ haha
Well, I drew a Lolita X'mas picture in the school and my graphic teacher and my form-master made some postcard from it. I am sooo happy cuz I got some of those and I sent them for some cute hungarian Lolitas. I hope I can make them happy with my postcard. *-*
Anyway, I show you my postcard! Tadaaaa~~

I hope you like them. x3 I think these postcards are very Lolita. \(=*o*=)/
So, Merry X'mas to you and to your precious persons~
I wish you that your X'mas days will be very wonderful~


2011. december 23., péntek

The cutest ribbon ♕

Hello dears~

My days are very sweet, fantastic. I can't wait the X'mas Day!!
I am sooo excited. \(^o^)/
But some days ago..I got a prize for drawing competition of Holy Sugar Factory.
This is a hungarian lolita accessories onlineshop, please check them~ http://holysugarfactory.blogspot.com
I love them soooo much !! I think those accessories are very sweet and cute o(*-*)o Well, I wrote that I got a prize. It was a cute puffy ribbon~
I show you the pack and my prize~

The packing is very sweet, isn't it? \(^o^)/ Like as a japanese pack. haha

Aaaaand! The cutest ribbon \(*-*)/ I am very proud that I have a cute one~
Btw, I got 2 cute stickers. I show you them more specifically :D I love them *-*

Thank you sooo much those presents for my drawing !! I am sooo happy o(*-*)o
Anyway, the X'mas day will come tomorrow.^^ I am sooo excited !!
But now, bye-bye dear unicorns~
I will write tomorrow, OK? :D Now I have to go to bake a lot of gingerbread. ^^
I love X'mas !!


2011. december 17., szombat

First post. ♕

Hello lovely princesses~

It is my blog..huuh..it was my dream that I have a blog.
And now, it's fine! But I working in a new header. So, look forward it~
Well, my blog will deal with style I love, my life, shoppings, new items and my drawings.
Anyway, my name is Boglárka, a Hungarian girl. So, sorry if my english is bad. My style is sweet Lolita but I am light-year distance from other hungarian lolitas. haha But I am soo creative and assiduous. \(^o^)/
I love Lolita style and I wanna be a good, sweet lolita.
That's all for now, thank you for your attention :D