2012. május 24., csütörtök

Super cute Giveaway in Candyheart ♥

Hello lovely cupcakes~

Guess what ! I found a very sweet giveaway in a sweet blog. haha
I show you what can you win.

Candyheart's blog is so fantastic for me. I really love it. \(*-*\)
Btw, I really want to win this giveaway cuz I want to have this 'Swimmer USB mouse'. Because I got a Laptop some weeks ago and I need a cute mouse. ☆
And her blog: http://candy-yumeko.blogspot.com/2012/04/my-1st-giveaway-pastel-lover.html  Please, check it.
So, I hope I'll win~~

That's all for now~
Next time I'll show you what I bought in this week. ( ^∇^ )˝
Bye. ♥

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