2012. október 29., hétfő

I am back ♕

Dear Princesses,
Sorry, I know that it was a long break. (>A<) BUT! My summer was amazing, and now I feel that I can write more often o(^-^)o
So, what happended with me in this loong break?  I tell you.
Let's start with summer:
lot of study for the graduation
♥ bought a Sugary Carnival replica skirt in levander(sadly is just a replica.. but it is one of my dream prints. But, I will buy an original AP jsk soon ;3)
bought a fluffy petticoat from Ebay
lot of meetings with my best friends
ate a lot of cake ;3
decorated my room with Rilakkuma
lot of sweet times with my family and boyfriend

that's all in short. haha
And nowadays?

drawing a lot
got lot of ponies
MondoCon with my honey at early October
♥ bought a cute Angelic Pretty headbow, Metamorphose bloomers from Gigi
watching Princess Peachie videos all the time.
saving money for an Angelic Pretty blouse and wristcuff
lot of sweet times with my friends in the school

Aaaaand now I can write \(^O^)/ Wohooo yeey*

As I promised formerly, I show you my Gothic Lolita Bible magazin~
I took some photoes about just my favourite pages in the magazine.haha
The cover is soooo cute!

And Asuka with Maki ♥.
Yes, these pages are only about Angelic Pretty, why? Because it's my favourite brand in the world. haha
That's all for now my sweetie unicorns. I hope it makes you happy that I am back. haha And will come a lot of post ! !