2011. december 30., péntek

My little pony

Nowadays I start love My Little Pony again, and I want collect them.
Now, I have 3, new series My Little Pony. I love them soooo much \(*-*)/ I think they are very cute, but I love the oldest ponies too. I think the oldest ponies are the true My Little Ponies, but the newest Ponies are sweet too. What do you think about it? Oldest Pony or Newest Pony? I want both. haha
I show you mine ponies. :3

She is Cheerliee. I got it from Santa. :D haha I love she sooo much *-*

She is Rainbow Dash. She's hair is very cute I think o(*-*)o And I love her color sooo much.

And Pinkie Pie. She is my favourite Pony. I got it from my dear boyfriend \(^o^)/ He said that if I were a pony, I'll sure look like as Pinkie Pie. haha x'3
I think it was very sweet. haha~
So, these are my ponies. I hope I will have more My Little Pony than now.
Anyway, today I got a cute postcard from my dear japanese friend, Asukachan. I love she sooo much and she reading my blog too. I will take some photo about my New Year 'party' and I will put up them. :D Tomorrow will the last day of 2011. I will spend this time with my boyfriend. And we bought some cute Pink-purple balloons and confetti. I can't wait the new year! ^^ I wish you a very lucky, successful, happy, wonderful and sweet New Year! *huuuugs* And I hope I wll have a lot of followers~ haha

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