2011. december 23., péntek

The cutest ribbon ♕

Hello dears~

My days are very sweet, fantastic. I can't wait the X'mas Day!!
I am sooo excited. \(^o^)/
But some days ago..I got a prize for drawing competition of Holy Sugar Factory.
This is a hungarian lolita accessories onlineshop, please check them~ http://holysugarfactory.blogspot.com
I love them soooo much !! I think those accessories are very sweet and cute o(*-*)o Well, I wrote that I got a prize. It was a cute puffy ribbon~
I show you the pack and my prize~

The packing is very sweet, isn't it? \(^o^)/ Like as a japanese pack. haha

Aaaaand! The cutest ribbon \(*-*)/ I am very proud that I have a cute one~
Btw, I got 2 cute stickers. I show you them more specifically :D I love them *-*

Thank you sooo much those presents for my drawing !! I am sooo happy o(*-*)o
Anyway, the X'mas day will come tomorrow.^^ I am sooo excited !!
But now, bye-bye dear unicorns~
I will write tomorrow, OK? :D Now I have to go to bake a lot of gingerbread. ^^
I love X'mas !!


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